Abraham Music Project

Abraham Music Project is passionate about reviving the timeless music style of classic, progressive, and orchestral rock! 
Anyone who listens closely to Abraham Music Project’s songs will discover a deep and colorful musical ocean that is full of life. Abraham’s music is finely produced into a sonic tapestry covering a wide scope of moods from simply fun to fantastically ethereal.

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Alan Lepik

When I first listened to Jethro Tull’s ‘Bouree” as a teenager in the 70’s I knew I was a fan of progressive rock and I wanted to render multitrack recordings.  My creative process now usually involves improvising a riff or a few bars on my MIDI synth and using Garageband to flesh it out and invent numerous variations on a theme. I’m really pleased with the flexibility and variety of sounds that can be achieved now but I always want the result to sound like the music I enjoyed in my musical formative years.

Alpha Wave Movement
Thought Guild

Greg Kyryluk is the creator of musical project Alpha Wave Movement (established 1992 in
Miami, Florida) an alias onto which he creates an amalgam of contemporary electronic
instrumental music. Drawing from the wellspring influences of 1970’s space rock, euro centric
electronica and ambient music to create his own aesthetic mode of expressionism with a focus on
emotion and melodic rendezvous.

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Dr. Bill Rhodes

Bill has opened for, recorded, or performed with members of Toto, YES, Alan Parsons, Jaco Pastorius, Larry Coryell, Rick Wakeman and many others.  In March 2016 he composed the Keith Emerson Suite.  Bill has recorded 60 albums on various labels including Tangerine Dream IC/Digit Label, VOD, and Full Bandwidth Music.

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Chris Noto

Chris is the son of the great jazz trumpet player Sam Noto and is also an official archivist of all things Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  Chris Noto has been a part of the progressive rock music scene since 1972, with his most recent stints in tribute bands for ELP and Rush.  He is currently working on a new production, titled “Dark Universe” and it is dedicated to the memories of Frank Zappa, Chris Squire, Keith Emerson, Greg Lake,
John Wetton and Allan Holdsworth.

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Enine are an instrumental band from Vladimir, Russia and have taken their name from the mystic river that runs through the Kamchatka peninsula where tales and legends form part of the region’s folklore that greatly influences the band’s music. 

They are inspired by North-East Russian culture, with its peace, wisdom, and vastness of wild nature. The symbol of the group is the drum for shamanic rituals brought from the coast of Kamchatka.


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Esprit d'Escalier

Esprit d’Escalier is an alternative/progressive rock band from France. After releasing a demo in September 2018, the band started gigging all around France (more than 25 shows in less than a year) and is now ready to release its first full-length album (scheduled for early 2020). Characterized by heavy grooves, technical guitars and varied musical soundscapes, the band also incorporates elements from various musical genres such as math-rock, post-rock & stoner to create its own singular musical personality.

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Jack Simchak

Jack Simchak is a multi-instrumentalist that writes, records and performs music in Brooklyn, NY. Jack graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in music from Skidmore College. Jack has been writing and recording music for his solo material for two years and it is heavily influenced by prog and shoegaze music. He composes music because he is obsessed with sound and cannot stop his compulsion to create.

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Joel Pirard

Joel Pirard was born in Belgium in 1955. He grew up listening to the Beatles and the British invasion, and embraced the progressive art-rock movement of the late ’60s-early ’70s. Joel later became founder or co-founder of several bands include Avalon USA, The JDA Project, Seven Sources and many others.  Joel has a wide breath of knowledge of music and is a prolific contributor on the social media stage.

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KDB3 is the solo alter ego of multi-instrumentalist, Doug Bowers. KDB3 is progressive music for your life. Doug Bowers is a multi-instrumentalist singer / song writer who makes his home on the gulf coast of North West Florida. He has dedicated his muse to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ writing, recording and producing music during domestic down time. Although his taste in music ranges from classical to progressive metal, Doug’s songwriting lends itself to a variety of styles. 

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LIGHT was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in late 2016. Their first show occurred at the Baires Prog Fest – 5th edition, on March 4 2017 while LIGHT were recording their debut album. The music of LIGHT is typical of South American progressive rock at its best.

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Nine Skies

Nine Skies is a French progressive rock band inspired by many influences: rock, pop, progressive, jazz. The diversity of influences on Nine Skies allows them to express various emotions while preserving the coherence of their modern musical tale.  These influences are Marillion, Genesis, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Opeth, Camel, among others.

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Noddy's Puncture

The premier Emerson, Lake & Palmer tribute band in the world today (in the opinion of Progressive Rock AZUSA)! Noddy’s Puncture was the brainchild of keyboard wizard Tom Szakaly. He formed the band from the ashes of the cult rock band Shanghai. Tom had decided to create a band, which would fulfill his own musical ambitions and encompass his love of the music of ELP.  A review of Noddy’s Puncture in Impressions magazine wrote as follows: “If you live in the UK, then this is a must; it is possibly the closest you will get to see a live ELP performance”.

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Prehistoric Animals

Prehistoric Animals is a progressive / alternative rock band from Sweden. Prehistoric Animals likes to mix great melodies, epic moments, and fun instrumental parts with some “prehistoric” sounds. 

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ProgAtom is a Norwegian band playing melodic/symphonic progressive rock. They have released two albums: Sagittarius A (2015) and Spiral (2018).

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Quiet Wish

Quiet Wish are an alt-rock, fringe-progressive, experimental rock band from the London area. Their music subtly interweaves environmental and humanitarian underlying themes. The inspiration for many of their songs is the “the world we live in”, awareness of our environment and trying gently to persuade people to change our world for the better. Unfortunately, the band disbanded in July 2019, but its lead vocalist, Carola Baer, promises future solo works.

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Robert Lindblad

Robert is a solo artist on synthesizers and piano who produces mbient music, orchestral, piano and progressive rock. He also assists in the search for missing children with his unique skills.




Roz Vitalis

ROZ VITALIS (Saint Petersburg, Russia) has been in existance since 2001 as a studio keyboard-dominated project, since 2005 as an experimental/improvisational ensemble without drums, and since 2008 as a fully-fledged prog-rock band. This ensemble was founded by Ivan Rozmainsky. The style of music can be christened as “Psychedelic Sympho Prog”, “Melodic Avant Rock” or “Canterbury Gothic Prog”.

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Steve Andersen

Steve was introduced to the music of ELP in late 1974. In the 90’s, he began seriously considering an ELP tribute project with no idea how he was going to go about it (Keith Emerson had set a very high standard).  It was not until he moved to Toronto in September 2000 that he found players who could deal with the music at an acceptable level. This ELP tribute band (Seven Virgins And A Mule) parted ways in 2010 and since then Steve has been focusing on solo classical, ambient/electronic, and jazz ensemble work.


Soniq Theater

Soniq Theater is the solo-project of ex-Rachel’s Birthday keyboard player Alfred Mueller. The music can be described as a blend of progressive rock, electronic and ambient music. 19 albums have been released so far from 2000 to 2019.

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Sproingg’s music is variously described as:

· Experimental-prog-chaos
· Excessive polyrhythmic minimalism
· Space-Punk-Ambient-Psychedelic
· Dramatic, jazz and classically influenced rock
· Music your mother would not allow you to listen to

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The Crazy Left Experience

The Crazy Left Experience is an invitation to a journey into the wonders of the exploratory aspects of the music expression so natural to all.  The intention and influences are based under, behind, above, close, away outside, inside, nowhere and everywhere of the Psychedelic Rock music culture.  In all its ways and expressions, the Crazy Left Experience is an awakening into a new and spontaneous perception of reality as we channel it and how we interact with it.


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The Emerald Dawn

The Emerald Dawn are a multi-instrumentalist, symphonic progressive rock quartet, who combine elements from classical music, jazz and rock to produce their own original, distinctive and exciting sound—a sound that is cinematic, epic, experimental and powerful. Usually haunting, often beautifully melodic and always highly atmospheric, the music of The Emerald Dawn paints images or tells stories that stimulate the imagination and takes the listener on unforgettable musical journeys.  

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Guitarist and composer Yuval Ron performs original tunes that transcend the boundaries of any specific musical genre. Inspired by a crossover of modern jazz-rock, progressive music, cinematic and orchestral music genres, it is all well blended into an own fresh and distinct musical direction, best described as Cinematic Prog or Jazz-Rock.

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VAK is a progressive rock / zeuhl band from France. It started in 2008, initiated by drummer Vladimir Mejstelman and vocalist Aurélie Saintecroix, who thrived on 1970s rock and especially Magma’s music.  VAK’s music ranges from frantic and rough progressive rock to more alternative or atmospheric music genres, exploring pathways between 1970s rock experiments and current musical avant-gardes.

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