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We offer other forms of progressive music that you will not hear on the other streaming platforms.

 We feature ambient, electronic, and other progressive music on our weekly show, “The Sunday Night Special”.

 Half of what we play is LIVE music.

 And we feature artists and tribute bands that cover other ProgRock artists.



We play the best and most extensive progressive music on the internet. 1960’s to current era, progressive rock, ambient, electronic and live music. Artists range from ELP, Genesis, King Crimson and others from the early era to Riverside, Sigur Ros, & Big Big Train in the current era.  Every two weeks we bring you a new 24/7 playlist of great progressive rock music. 

  And we have weekly and monthly shows hosted by Sam Butters (the curator of Progressive Rock AZUSA) and other contributors. 


The Sunday Night Special
9:00 PM ET 6:00 PM PT
A unique mix of rotating shows featuring all genres of progressive music. 
Refer to the following show descriptions
Hosted By Sam Butters
Ambient Nights
The best in ambient artists from around the globe and from all era's.  A forgotten genre of progressive music.  Ambient Nights is specially suited for calming down from the weekend and preparing for the work week ahead. Example artists: Klaus Schulze, Mike Oldfield, Synaesthesia, Rapoon, Circle, Galactic Anthems, Oneohtrix Point Never, Oresund Space Collective, Rapoon, Brainticket.
Tribute bands covering progressive rock artists. Other musical acts covering progressive rock artists. Progressive rock artists covering other types of music.  An overlooked style of progressive rock.  Example artists: Regenesis, Gerard, Osvaldo Giordano, The Nice, Dream Theater, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Astralasia, Kansas, THE BEST, Trent Gardner, James LaBrie, John Novello, Over The Garden Wall, Egg, California Guitar Trio, Carl Palmer, Ray Manzarek, Out Of Phase, Controlled Bleeding, Erik Norlander, Inter-Mase, John Wetton, any many many more.
Featuring the best in electronic music. From Tangerine Dream to Galactic Anthems.  The progressive rock revolution of the late 60's and early 70's owes a debt of thanks to the early pioneers of electronic music.  But this genre continued to develop on its own in a myriad of ways.
Featuring jazz fusion artists from Soft Machine to Brand X, also from New Trolls to Niacin.  Referred to as Jazz Rock or simply "fusion", this genre of progressive music has produced the greatest musicians and songs in the history of music. Example artists: Niacin, Brand X, Soft Machine, Bill Bruford,  New Trolls Atomic System, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, and Weather Report.
Featuring the best progressive acts in concert.  Who doesn't love a great live concert of great progressive rock music! Over half of our content on Progressive Rock AZUSA is live music and we feature it prominently on this show.  Example artists: Kansas, Genesis,  Starcastle, King Crimson, Sigur Rós, John Wetton, Dream Theater, It's A Beautiful Day, Gentle Giant, Echolyn, Porcupine Tree, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Anekdoten, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Hatfield and the North, and YES among many many others.

Progressive Explorations
3:00 PM ET 12:00 Noon PT
Hosted By Sam Butters

An exploration of independent progressive rock artists. We play the music that other streaming services and stations do not.  Progressive Rock AZUSA features these great independent bands so that the life blood of progressive music will be renewed.  Refer to our INDY PROG ROCK ARTISTS page on how you can support our station’s great selection of independent prog rock bands.

Example artists: Thought Guild, Bill Rhodes, Roz Vitalis, Seven Virgins & A Mule, Ego Eimi, Prehistoric Animals, Alpha Wave Movement, The Emerald Dawn, KDB3, Steve Andersen, Soniq Theater, Noddy’s Puncture, Chris Noto, Quiet Wish, ProgAtom, Nine Skies, The Crazy Left Experience and many many more!

The Golden Age Of Progressive Rock
3:00 PM ET - Noon PT

The Golden Age Of Prog features 2 hours of the classic era of progressive rock and related music from the 1960’s and 70’s, as selected by our AutoDJ!

Enjoy the music of the classic age of progressive rock performed by Genesis, Yes, Gentle Giant, ELP, Renaissance and from more obscure artists like Triumvirate, Le Orme, Magma, Aphrodite’s Child, & Beggars Opera, among others.

The Sunday Night Special Sampler
3:00 PM ET - Noon PT

The Sunday Night Special Sampler features 2 hours of sample cuts from all of our shows of the Sunday Night Special, selected by our AutoDJ!

Enjoy samples from Ambient Nights, Prog Covers and Tributes, The Electric Lab, The Jazz Fusion Hour, and Progressive Live.

The Late Era Of Progressive Rock
3:00 PM ET - Noon PT

The Late Era Of Progressive Rock features 2 hours of progressive rock and related music from the 1980’s & 90’s, as selected by our AutoDJ!

Enjoy the music of the late era of progressive rock performed by neo-progressive rock artists such as Marillion, prog metal bands like Dream Theater, and newer progressive rock artists like Cairo and Ars Nova among others.

21st Century Progressive Rock
3:00 PM ET - Noon PT

21st Century Progressive Rock features 2 hours of progressive rock and related music from the current century, as selected by our AutoDJ!

Enjoy the music of the 21st century of progressive rock performed by artists such as Taproban, Elohim, Nexus, Riverside and artists from earlier era’s that continued to perform into the new century such as, Yes, Ozric Tentacles, Le Orme, Carl Palmer, & King Crimson.

The Prog Mill
A Presentation of ProgZilla Radio
The UK's Only 24/7 Progressive Rock Channel
Sundays (Except 2nd Sunday of Month)
6:00 PM ET 3:00 PM PT
Hosted By Shaun Geraghty.
(This show is currently on hiatus and will return in July 2020)

Shaun Geraghty of ProgZilla.com

The Prog Mill features superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock, hosted by Shaun Geraghty.  Shaun also features reviews of prog music and the occasional interview with a progrock artist.


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